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Location: Tokyo, Japan


Fui toda lampeira a um santuário xintoísta,

e quis saber qual era o meu fado. Pois bem, fiquei a saber, e transcrevo de seguida:

Be moderate in all things and keep your home in good order and no misfortune will befall you; take good care of yourself and at last good fortune will come.

ILLNESS: It may appear to be serious, but if you devote yourself to your care and recovey, you shall recover.
LOVE/MARRIAGE: It is important for you to voice own opinions.
THE PERSON YOU WAIT: He will be late.
LAWSUITS: Nearly impossible to him.
LOST ITEM: Will be hard to find.
BUYING & SELLING: Hold back.
BUILDING/MOVING: You must weight things scrupulously.
TRAVEL: Take your health condition/restrictions well into account.
MONEY: With time, things will improve.
EXAMINATIONS: You will succeed according to your merit.


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